Continuity Master Academy Review

Let’s talk about Continuity Master Academy by Jeff Baxter. How do you feel about creating your very own membership sites?

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Want A Membership Site?

Continuity Master academyThe idea of a creating a membership site has always intrigued me. Just image getting a paycheck month in and month out like clockwork for content you put out. Sounds good?

So how come it all feels so 2008? Are membership sites even a thing anymore?

After some researched I found that Jeff Baxter is not the only person making the big bucks with membership sites.  In fact, some of the top online entrepreneurs have some kind of residual income business.  This includes King Human, Andrew Fox, Peter Parks, Adam Short and many more.

As you can see membership sites are all around us, even YouTube is launching a paid subscriptions, but most of them don’t look like typical membership site we know from some years ago.

The best of them seem to combine both free content and paid subscriptions for maximum results. That is exactly what Jeff Baxter is teaching inside Continuity Master Academy.  It is also the way to start earning fast cash while building out your membership site.

Hey did you hear about Mindmint Software by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi?

What About Non-Membership Sites?

While the ultimate goal for  Continuity Master Academy is having a membership site earning anywhere from $10,000 to 50,000 per month you can start as an affiliate.

For example at first your site doesn’t have to be a membership based. You can start building out a site, create content and start promoting products you will earn commissions from. This way you will not only get visitors, fans, subscribers,  leads and affiliate sales but also build authority and trust.

Which means that ones you start your own membership site it will be an instant hit. All those visitors, fans and subscribers can be changed into monthly paid members.

Continuity Master Academy

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iPro Academy Review

Let’s talk iPro Academy by Fred Lam. Do we really need another product with Academy in it?  Or does this one has something to offer?

The 3 Ultimate Traffic Pillars

the 3 Ultimate Traffic PillarsIf you haven’t downloaded it yet I suggest you  Click Here to get it now. As it is much more than just information on how to get cheap traffic.

The 3 Ultimate Traffic Pillars dives into the mentality of building, shaping and supporting your online business.  This free report is a great way to get a sneak peak behind the curtain of the faster growing industry in the world.

For example Fred Lam himself has created mutiple 8-figure business from scratch.

Fred Lam’s System: iPro Academy

iproacademyvideoThe first thing that struck me about Fred Lam is that he doesn’t act like a typical online entrepreneur that made it big. He’s not a loud, flashy and constantly craving attention like most gurus out there. Fred Lam is more of a soft spoken, humble guy that you can see being friends with.

That’s most likely why despite not being overall public, Fred Lam is know of one of the best, if not the best, paid traffic experts in the whole internet space. He is known for creating mutiple 8-figure business from scratch and generating millions of commissions each year. On top of that Fred coached some of the biggest names in internet marketing including; Anik Singal, Dave Kettner and Jimmy Kim to name a few.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Fred Lam. After making over 5 million dollars, he lost it all and managed get it back and go way beyond anyone ever expected. That me that he has both dedication and experience needed to teach proper traffic methods.

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KBB Course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is the best.