Influencer Marketing Academy Review – Closes on 1-16-17

What if I told you that Influencer Marketing Academy teaches you how to get targeted traffic without PPC, organic traffic, YouTube or even driving the traffic yourself.

This is the ultimate lazy marketer method and I just had to try it. Check out the review below to learn what I discovered and if this is right for you.

Creator: Dan DaSilva
Official Site:

Last Chance? Yes, Dan Dasilva is Closing IMA for 2017 Today

If you’re still on the fence if Influencer Marketing Academy is right for you, let me remind you that the time to decide is running out.

Dan Dasilva needs to close the doors today so he can focus on his student in 2017 and reopen IMA in 2018. So are you in or are you going to wait until 2018, when many of this years student will be already making 100k or more?

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IPrints REALLY eCommerce Dead?

It seems that for the past two years ago there is a constant flood of new eCom courses and systems. In fact, hardly a week can go back without some guru claiming that he or she is the new eCommerce millionaire.

However, if you follow these latest products you know that about half of them are total crap, and the rest is the same information in a different package. This why many people tend to believe that eCommerce is dead, or at least dying.

ecom-sales-300x206In reality it is quite the opposite. According to the US Commerce Department eCommerce has been steadily growing at 14% to 17% per year for the past 5 years. With this rate the eCommerce will suppresses $452 billions in sale in 2017.  That’s hardly something being dead.

So Why Most Still Don’t Make Money With eCom?

How can you expect good results if you follow bad advice? The main problem is those products circulating the online space.  It’s not even that they are all bad, but almost all follow the same blueprint.

  1. Create a shopify store or an alternative
  2. Buy ads to drive traffic
  3. Earn

This might have worked when eCommerce was just getting popular, but if you have 1,000 or even 10,000 marketers going after the same eCom niche trying to buys ads, you wont make money.  On top of that, there is so much more to a successful store than creating a default and buying ads.

influencer-marketing-academySo Why Influencer Marketing Academy?

The number 1 thing that got me interested in IMA by Dan Dasilva is is the Influencer part. Here you have a not so original idea, famous people promoting stuff has been done before, but implement in a different way than I ever seen before.

By influencers to promote your eCom store you’re actually doing 3 things in 1.

  • Get direct traffic from the influencer’s followers so you make sales right away
  • Get authority and trust by association, by being mention personally by a influencer it means you must be an authority as well
  • Brand building/brand awareness, your social status goes up in an instance.

On the other hand if you use just paid adverting you’re only getting visitors that have visited a 100 other stores just like you. On top of that you don’t build trust or authority and get limited brand exposure.

Best part? You can get started with as little as $10 to $50 and turn it into several thousands in profit.

Is Influencer Marketing Academy Just About Influence?

using-influncerThat was my original reason why I decided to get IMA, as I’m always looking for a competitive edge in getting targeted traffic for less.  However, once I got inside the Influencer Marketing members area I knew that was not the only reason.

You see, Dan DaSilva makes most of his money, I’m guessing 95% or so, from eCommerce and has been doing so for years. He’s not some guru that just decided to put out a eCom course because it is hot right now like most.

That’s why if you follow his blueprintyou’ll not only get the overall picture of how to create and run a successful Shopify store, but also learn the little details that can make a big difference.

For example the training on Shopify themes and which one to pick for your niche can mean the difference between earning $50 per day or $300 ( you also get best converting themes as Influencer Marketing Academy bonus.

So why eCommerce is definitely not dead, some of the methods are. However, with Dan Dasilva methods inside Influencer Marketing Academy and thousands of product to chose from you can still grab a slice of that $452 billion pie if you follow what Dan’s teaching.

So what are you waiting for?

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Mobile Optin 2.0 Review and Insane Bonus Worth $5,000

Are you ready for 70% conversion rates, 50% open rates and 30% click through rates with email marketing?  That’s all possible with the Mobile Optin Software by Anthony Morrison.

This just it: How would you like a free Mobile Optin live training? Well, you can! Click Here to watch it now.

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So What The Heck Is Mobile Optin 2.0?

I’m going to just dive into this and keep it real. So, mobile Optin is actually a complete mobile/email marketing system by Anthony Morrison. The system includes software, which is a mobile opt-in page builder and a video training course.

Sounds familiar? Ir’s probably because there are tones of services and software for building landing or opti-in pages.  However, there are not many mobile opt-in page builders out there. Is it because nobody figure out how to do it? Or is mobile traffic just crap?

mobile landing pageTo be honest, I think it is a bit of both. The problem is that most mobile landing pages look like the one on the right.

I don’t see a lot of people filing this out on their computers or even tablets, let alone a phone. The harsh truth is that most will simply click away or close it in a heartbeat. So you lose 9/10 visitors right away.

For those that stay, a good portion will input a secondary email or worse, make a typo.

So I’m not surprised that mobile traffic is much cheaper and in result crappier. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Inside The Mobile Opt-in

mobile optin

Anthony Morrison and his team came up with a solution that not only streamlines the process of getting mobile subscribers, but turn them into a tier 1 quality leads. This makes, and I never thought I would be able to say this, mobile traffic not only cheaper but actually better than desktop.

So how does that work?

Unlike the the regular landing pages, the ones produced with Mobile Optin software don’t need an email or name field. They work by visitors clicking to send you a  pre-written message stating that they want an ebook, video or whatever you’re giving away for a subscriber.

My latest favorite system is KBB by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, and you can read my full Knowledge Business Blueprint Review on my other post.

This way, instead of inputting a name, email or other details, the victors only has to click and send. However, that’s not even the best part.

Unlike regular opt-in pages where someone can perpostly or unintentially type in a wrong email address, that can’t happen with Mobile Optin.  your auto responder will automatically capture the email which the message was sent from. Which means it is the same email that visors has on their mobile, their main one.

So not only you’re getting their best email, but every time you send out a message they will get a notification in their phone.  It is that simply.

So what are you waiting for, grab the free book above or go straight for Mobile Optin below with all the bonuses.  Enjoy!

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Virtnext Review – Not A Scam Binary Options

After avoiding saltest Binary options scams for almost two year I decided to give Virtnext a a fair try. Find out what I discovered in the review below.

Official site:

Review of Virtnext: Speed Wins?

virtnextFor the past 2 years I’ve been totaly killing with binary options as a side business. However, about 3 months ago it all started to go down hill and the software I was using just didn’t trade as it used to. In a way, it felt that is was simply too slow as I would always lose the trade in the last second or so. If you ever trader binary options you know how frustrating it is to go red in the last few milliseconds.

So I decided to take a look what else is on the market and hopefully find something more powerful than what I was using now.  However, I was quickly taken back by all the hyped up scams that fill the binary options scene. The BS one that supposedly have inside information on banks and will make you millions. Yet when you download the software it looks like a 12 year old made.

Did you hear about Parallel Profits by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth system? It’s deal with generating leads for local businesses.

No, I knew I would have to did deeper to find something as legit as my previous bot. That is when I discovered virtnext, which unlike all the pretenders was actually a real company established on March 2011.  After looking at some of their reports I couldn’t believe these guys were going public.

At this point I was pretty sure I found a worthy substitute to my old software, but I had no idea how fast Virtnext really is. You know those almost wins that change to loses in the last split second. With Virtnext you win them all as it’s processing speed is unmatched by any software out there.

How about Knowledge Business Blueprint Bonus now.

It seems that the speed is what really makes the difference as there is no lag between you and the algo-trading software.

So  grab Virtnext before it goes pubic for free below

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Incredible Dream Machines and Done For You Bonus

The Incredible Dream Machines review as well as Bonus offer– Crowdfunding Reborn!

The analytic method from Greg Jacobs and also Tim Godfrey will certainly instruct you the precise A-Z detailed procedure on how you can discover your specific niche (with their spectacular software program) then use the web marketing magic as well as you excel to go.

The Dream Device of Crowdfunding.

And also do not forget your cost-free registration to our full-color “Internet marketing Techniques” electronic journal fulled of posts as well as suggestions on the most up to date, verified approaches for generating cash online!

Choosing the Particular niche: you have to research and also find out where the appetite is.
Resource Item: you are simply the manager or supervisor, you function straight with the maker.
Introduce Project: discover tested strategies that transform very.
Supply Item: end up being enlightened regarding consumer connections as well as plan for the pre-launch of your following item.
Range Up: this is exactly how they take a beginner or innovative IMer to the top, making 5, 6 numbers.

incredible dream machinesIt is visiting be 8 weeks of extreme comprehensive training with individual assistance as well as software application accessibility which will certainly be usefull for both your online as well as offline company for many years ahead.
Below is an expert sight.

Crowdfunding is the fastest as well as simplest technique in the world to construct a HUGE company, essentially in an issue of weeks … which is something that ANY PERSON can do as there are NO obstacles to access. Look into just how much these projects increased … BOOM!

will not require any kind of previous crowdfunding encounter.
will not need to understand anything regarding driving website traffic, innovation, or advertising and marketing.
will not need to acquire any kind of supply upfront, and also most notably.
will not need to “developed” anything either (although they will certainly be covering how you can introduce much more intricate creations also!).

You could find out a great deal even more concerning crowdfunding with my cost-free ebook, “Merely Start It! … Just how Crowdfunding Could Obtain Your Task Off The Ground In no time at all.”.

The Review of Incredible Dream Machines

iAs a vendor on that corrects $50,000 each month, I have actually pertained to recognize 2 points that create individuals to fall short or could maintain them from developing a company constructing a company to begin with.

The Incredible Dream Machines is except individuals seeking to expend the wall surface as well as wishing it will certainly stick. It is for individuals in the IM (web marketing) specific niche in addition to full newbies in business.

Beginning a bodily items company calls for a bunch of start-up resources.
Bodily items companies need a bunch of capital to be tied-up in stock on a continuous basis.

You could obtain download your cost-free duplicate today, by merely clicking among the switches listed below to share this web page with your partners as well as good friends.
FREE: Find out Everything about Crowdfunding with “Begin It!”.

If you are brand-new to the crowdfunding idea, it is just a means to touch countless others which will in fact offer you cash to money a wonderful concept as well as …
The Incredible Dream Machines is a cutting-edge brand-new means to utilize crowdfunding for large earnings.

You do not need to enter your name or your e-mail. Merely click among the switches listed below as well as share this web page with your buddies, then download your complimentary ebook!

1. THE DAYDREAMERS COURSE– This is an 8 week specificed training– from A-Z detailed. Particular niche research study to Item launch– every little thing is covered.

2. LAS VEGAS LIVE OCCASION– If you have actually remained in the market for enough time you recognize that the LIVE occasions are among better points you can do on your own and also your company. If you ask me, this alone is worth at the very least $1,497!

This is visiting be a 3 day live occasion in Las Vegas, including pure worth, networking as well as followups. , if you have actually never ever done this prior to you require to obtain in on this as well as begin networking!! When we began visiting internet marketing occasions it altered our company totally.

3. SOFTWARE PROGRAM– We will certainly obtain even more info on the software program as we obtain closer to the launch, yet from just what Greg informed me, this device allows you reveal unblemished markets that you could tip right into as well as win revenue.

They will certainly obtain the possibility to pitch their task LIVE on phase as well as after that selecting out the ideal suggestions from the winning items. GREG’S ROLODEX– From years of doing this company, Greg has a whole lot of numbers as well as direct e-mails from the bulk of the greatest stores in UNITED STATE and also Europe.

If your item suffices, they will certainly present you to the “appropriate” individuals to obtain your items into the racks in several of the largest stores!

6. NEIGHBORHOOD– Greg’s group is educating a team of 12 coaches that will certainly be stay in the neighborhood discussion forum 24/7 for your concerns. They will certainly make certain you have your concerns responded to as well as you seem like part of the family members.

7. SUCCESS TREE– You have to recognize that creating a 7-figure group financing project has bunches of relocating components so they have an unique accomplishment tree in position for you to remain on track. Greg designed this, so you could see specifically the amount of actions away are you from introducing your effective project.
Incredible Dream Machines Bonus– Horrible Benefit Over Various other IDM Pupils.

Its all about Influencer Marketing Academy reviews now.

They will certainly obtain the possibility to pitch their task LIVE on phase and also after that selecting out the ideal concepts from the winning items. GREG’S ROLODEX– From years of doing this company, Greg has a great deal of numbers and also direct e-mails from the bulk of the most significant stores in UNITED STATE and also Europe.

We will certainly be composing a total extensive testimonial of the item so see to it you check it out.

We will certainly be creating as well as unrivaled incredible dream machines benefit contract for anybody that makes a decision to acquire via our web link. Make certain you examine back, we will certainly be upgrading this as quickly as the initial video clip goes LIVE.

LAS VEGAS LIVE OCCASION– If you have actually been in the sector for long sufficient you understand that the LIVE occasions are one of the finest points you could do for on your own as well as your company. When we began going to on the internet advertising occasions it altered our company entirely.

Particular niche research study to Item launch– every little thing is covered inside the incredible dream machine.

Continuity Master Academy Review

Let’s talk about Continuity Master Academy by Jeff Baxter. How do you feel about creating your very own membership sites?

Free Training Series: Click Here to watch the free membership site training with Jeff Baxter, this is this week only.

Want A Membership Site?

Continuity Master academyThe idea of a creating a membership site has always intrigued me. Just image getting a paycheck month in and month out like clockwork for content you put out. Sounds good?

So how come it all feels so 2008? Are membership sites even a thing anymore?

After some researched I found that Jeff Baxter is not the only person making the big bucks with membership sites.  In fact, some of the top online entrepreneurs have some kind of residual income business.  This includes King Human, Andrew Fox, Peter Parks, Adam Short and many more.

As you can see membership sites are all around us, even YouTube is launching a paid subscriptions, but most of them don’t look like typical membership site we know from some years ago.

The best of them seem to combine both free content and paid subscriptions for maximum results. That is exactly what Jeff Baxter is teaching inside Continuity Master Academy.  It is also the way to start earning fast cash while building out your membership site.

Hey did you hear about Mindmint Software by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi?

What About Non-Membership Sites?

While the ultimate goal for  Continuity Master Academy is having a membership site earning anywhere from $10,000 to 50,000 per month you can start as an affiliate.

For example at first your site doesn’t have to be a membership based. You can start building out a site, create content and start promoting products you will earn commissions from. This way you will not only get visitors, fans, subscribers,  leads and affiliate sales but also build authority and trust.

Which means that ones you start your own membership site it will be an instant hit. All those visitors, fans and subscribers can be changed into monthly paid members.

Continuity Master Academy

So what are you waiting for? Grab the free training video series below and get started.

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iPro Academy Review

Let’s talk iPro Academy by Fred Lam. Do we really need another product with Academy in it?  Or does this one has something to offer?

The 3 Ultimate Traffic Pillars

the 3 Ultimate Traffic PillarsIf you haven’t downloaded it yet I suggest you  Click Here to get it now. As it is much more than just information on how to get cheap traffic.

The 3 Ultimate Traffic Pillars dives into the mentality of building, shaping and supporting your online business.  This free report is a great way to get a sneak peak behind the curtain of the faster growing industry in the world.

For example Fred Lam himself has created mutiple 8-figure business from scratch.

Fred Lam’s System: iPro Academy

iproacademyvideoThe first thing that struck me about Fred Lam is that he doesn’t act like a typical online entrepreneur that made it big. He’s not a loud, flashy and constantly craving attention like most gurus out there. Fred Lam is more of a soft spoken, humble guy that you can see being friends with.

That’s most likely why despite not being overall public, Fred Lam is know of one of the best, if not the best, paid traffic experts in the whole internet space. He is known for creating mutiple 8-figure business from scratch and generating millions of commissions each year. On top of that Fred coached some of the biggest names in internet marketing including; Anik Singal, Dave Kettner and Jimmy Kim to name a few.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Fred Lam. After making over 5 million dollars, he lost it all and managed get it back and go way beyond anyone ever expected. That me that he has both dedication and experience needed to teach proper traffic methods.

If you still didn’t see Fred Lam in action sign up for the replay of the live training. Click Below for mote information.


KBB Course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is the best.