Mobile Optin 2.0 Review and Insane Bonus Worth $5,000

Are you ready for 70% conversion rates, 50% open rates and 30% click through rates with email marketing?  That’s all possible with the Mobile Optin Software by Anthony Morrison.

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So What The Heck Is Mobile Optin 2.0?

I’m going to just dive into this and keep it real. So, mobile Optin is actually a complete mobile/email marketing system by Anthony Morrison. The system includes software, which is a mobile opt-in page builder and a video training course.

Sounds familiar? Ir’s probably because there are tones of services and software for building landing or opti-in pages.  However, there are not many mobile opt-in page builders out there. Is it because nobody figure out how to do it? Or is mobile traffic just crap?

mobile landing pageTo be honest, I think it is a bit of both. The problem is that most mobile landing pages look like the one on the right.

I don’t see a lot of people filing this out on their computers or even tablets, let alone a phone. The harsh truth is that most will simply click away or close it in a heartbeat. So you lose 9/10 visitors right away.

For those that stay, a good portion will input a secondary email or worse, make a typo.

So I’m not surprised that mobile traffic is much cheaper and in result crappier. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Inside The Mobile Opt-in

mobile optin

Anthony Morrison and his team came up with a solution that not only streamlines the process of getting mobile subscribers, but turn them into a tier 1 quality leads. This makes, and I never thought I would be able to say this, mobile traffic not only cheaper but actually better than desktop.

So how does that work?

Unlike the the regular landing pages, the ones produced with Mobile Optin software don’t need an email or name field. They work by visitors clicking to send you a  pre-written message stating that they want an ebook, video or whatever you’re giving away for a subscriber.

My latest favorite system is KBB by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, and you can read my full Knowledge Business Blueprint Review on my other post.

This way, instead of inputting a name, email or other details, the victors only has to click and send. However, that’s not even the best part.

Unlike regular opt-in pages where someone can perpostly or unintentially type in a wrong email address, that can’t happen with Mobile Optin.  your auto responder will automatically capture the email which the message was sent from. Which means it is the same email that visors has on their mobile, their main one.

So not only you’re getting their best email, but every time you send out a message they will get a notification in their phone.  It is that simply.

So what are you waiting for, grab the free book above or go straight for Mobile Optin below with all the bonuses.  Enjoy!

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