Influencer Marketing Academy Review – Closes on 1-16-17

What if I told you that Influencer Marketing Academy teaches you how to get targeted traffic without PPC, organic traffic, YouTube or even driving the traffic yourself.

This is the ultimate lazy marketer method and I just had to try it. Check out the review below to learn what I discovered and if this is right for you.

Creator: Dan DaSilva
Official Site:

Last Chance? Yes, Dan Dasilva is Closing IMA for 2017 Today

If you’re still on the fence if Influencer Marketing Academy is right for you, let me remind you that the time to decide is running out.

Dan Dasilva needs to close the doors today so he can focus on his student in 2017 and reopen IMA in 2018. So are you in or are you going to wait until 2018, when many of this years student will be already making 100k or more?

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IPrints REALLY eCommerce Dead?

It seems that for the past two years ago there is a constant flood of new eCom courses and systems. In fact, hardly a week can go back without some guru claiming that he or she is the new eCommerce millionaire.

However, if you follow these latest products you know that about half of them are total crap, and the rest is the same information in a different package. This why many people tend to believe that eCommerce is dead, or at least dying.

ecom-sales-300x206In reality it is quite the opposite. According to the US Commerce Department eCommerce has been steadily growing at 14% to 17% per year for the past 5 years. With this rate the eCommerce will suppresses $452 billions in sale in 2017.  That’s hardly something being dead.

So Why Most Still Don’t Make Money With eCom?

How can you expect good results if you follow bad advice? The main problem is those products circulating the online space.  It’s not even that they are all bad, but almost all follow the same blueprint.

  1. Create a shopify store or an alternative
  2. Buy ads to drive traffic
  3. Earn

This might have worked when eCommerce was just getting popular, but if you have 1,000 or even 10,000 marketers going after the same eCom niche trying to buys ads, you wont make money.  On top of that, there is so much more to a successful store than creating a default and buying ads.

influencer-marketing-academySo Why Influencer Marketing Academy?

The number 1 thing that got me interested in IMA by Dan Dasilva is is the Influencer part. Here you have a not so original idea, famous people promoting stuff has been done before, but implement in a different way than I ever seen before.

By influencers to promote your eCom store you’re actually doing 3 things in 1.

  • Get direct traffic from the influencer’s followers so you make sales right away
  • Get authority and trust by association, by being mention personally by a influencer it means you must be an authority as well
  • Brand building/brand awareness, your social status goes up in an instance.

On the other hand if you use just paid adverting you’re only getting visitors that have visited a 100 other stores just like you. On top of that you don’t build trust or authority and get limited brand exposure.

Best part? You can get started with as little as $10 to $50 and turn it into several thousands in profit.

Is Influencer Marketing Academy Just About Influence?

using-influncerThat was my original reason why I decided to get IMA, as I’m always looking for a competitive edge in getting targeted traffic for less.  However, once I got inside the Influencer Marketing members area I knew that was not the only reason.

You see, Dan DaSilva makes most of his money, I’m guessing 95% or so, from eCommerce and has been doing so for years. He’s not some guru that just decided to put out a eCom course because it is hot right now like most.

That’s why if you follow his blueprintyou’ll not only get the overall picture of how to create and run a successful Shopify store, but also learn the little details that can make a big difference.

For example the training on Shopify themes and which one to pick for your niche can mean the difference between earning $50 per day or $300 ( you also get best converting themes as Influencer Marketing Academy bonus.

So why eCommerce is definitely not dead, some of the methods are. However, with Dan Dasilva methods inside Influencer Marketing Academy and thousands of product to chose from you can still grab a slice of that $452 billion pie if you follow what Dan’s teaching.

So what are you waiting for?

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